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Gold Medal Winners in JSS Cricket Fest Tournament

Our College Cricket Team (Men) has won the Gold Medal in JSS Cricket Fest Tournament conducted at JSS College of Pharmacy, ooty from 29-01-2017 to 31-01-2017. Abish of First year IT Dept received the

National Conference on Research Advances in Science and Technology

Warm greeting...   We are pleased to announce our National Conference on Research Advances in Science & Technology scheduled for 26th & 27th May 2017 at Ooty - The Queen of Hill Station

Placement Drive 16th December 2016

A total number of 19 students got placed in two different companies in the Placement Drive conducted on 16th December 2016. The Management, Principal and the staff congratulate the students who g

Student Placed on 19-September-2016

A total number of 240 students got placed in different companies in the Placement Drive conducted on 19th September 2016.  The Management, Principal and the staff congratulate the students who go
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Department Facility


Thermal Engineering Laboratory:

The Thermal Engineering Laboratory includes Diesel and petrol engines and also test apparatus to find the viscosity of lubricants, oils and other liquids. The major experiments in their tests include calculation of the efficiencies of various types of engines and also experimenting with the efficiency of various fuels. Research work on Bio Fuels is also carried out in this laboratory. Various other equipments include a .25mx.25mx1.2m cooling tower mini test rig, 5hp 4S Single cylinder Diesel engine with 1500 rpm, slow speed 4S single cylinder engine of 8hp and 850 rpm and engines with various compression ratios ranging from 16:1, 17.5:1, etc…

Mechatronics Laboratory

The Mechatronics laboratory is one of the laboratory facilities that highlight the college from another. The lab is equipped with state of the art machinery that allows the students to get a complete knowledge on actuators that work on hydraulics and pneumatics. Various equipments include Basic Level Electro PNEUMATIC Trainer Kit with and without PLC. The PLC being a 14 point PLC working on FANUC software, servo controller open/closed system of 3000 rpm and torque of .32 Nm Ac servo motor-100watts, multi process station with flow rate 500-1000 liters with a global pneumatic control valve, PID controller interfacing set up with PF-100 RTD sensor.

Fluid Mechanics and Machinery Laboratory

 The fluid mechanics laboratory is where the engineering students test the efficiency of pumps such as centrifugal pumps, reciprocating pumps, gear pumps and also to test the efficiency of turbines such as the Kaplan and pelton wheel turbines. It also includes experiments that are designed to check the flow of liquid and the various losses that occur during the flow. Various equipments include a Kaplan test rig -1550 rpm turbine, discharge of 6000 lpm and head of 5m. Francis turbine with 15m head, turbine speed of 1500 rpm, centrifugal pump of.5hp, submersible pump 3hp, reciprocating pump 1 hp, pelton wheel turbine test rig with 36m head, 660 lpm discharge, turbine speed 1500 rpm and a gear pump of 2hp.