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About Us

THE CSI COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING (CSICE) is a self-financing institution, offering degree level courses in different disciplines of Engineering Sciences. This college was founded by the Church of South India, Coimbatore Diocesan Council which is a pioneer in running Educational Institutions, from pre-primary to post matriculation and post-graduate levels, all known for their academics standards and discipline.


To equip the students with Technical knowledge, skill and ability; to inculcate in them right attitude and holistic values; to motivate them to think creatively, act independently and take decisions accordingly in all their scientific pursuits and other endeavours as well; to develop a system of meaningful interaction with industry.


To see that the students and staff are equipped and empowered to contribute in Nation building process and development of Society at large. To become a portal of learning, research, entrepreneurial development in Engineering Sciences.

Core Values of
Our Institution

  • CSI Diocesan council is running many schools and colleges and contribute for the education of the poor and needy.
  • We empower students with technical knowledge and training, enabling them to be a successful in their career.
  • Our college is situated in eco-friendly and nature-friendly locality which provide pollution less air, water and peaceful atmosphere to the students.